Prime Cut services ®

New Zealand's only authorised marketing and distribution agent for Prime Cut ®

Brocco Distributors Limited New Zealand

Brocco Distributors Limited (Brocco) has exclusive marketing and distribution rights for the Brocco Underwater Prime Cut ® Ultrathermic cutting and welding systems in New Zealand. This system is internationally recognised as the professional's choice for surface and underwater, gouging, piercing and cutting.

Ideally suited to field maintenance and repair, Prime cut is the portable problem solver. Whether used at the job site or in the shop, Prime Cut Ultrathermic cutting system helps you complete the toughest jobs on time, saving money and generating profits.

Prime Cut uses only oxygen and a 12 volt battery to quickly cut, pierce or gouge all ferrous and non ferrous, including cast iron and wear plate. No welding machine or air compressor required.

Those difficult expensive jobs or pin, stud and hinge removal, that took days of man power and equipment hire such as cranes and jigs, welders and compressors can now be done in a fraction of the time and without fuss with Prime Cuts system.

Basic Domestic Video of use of Broco Prime-Cut Ultrathermic Cutting
Promo Video of the Military use of equipment