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The Prime Cut system ®

The Prime Cut ultrathermic system burns in excess of 10,000°F (5500°C) at the rod tip (oxy / acetylene operates at approximately 6000°F) , literally liquefying any material in its path, using the material itself as fuel. The system will quickly cut, gouge or pierce through almost any known metal(ferrous and non-ferrous) including cast iron, steel, stainless steel, nickel, aluminium and multiple layers of steel and rust(no need to grind off rust prior to cutting) and materials such as concrete, granite and refactory materials.

prime cut at work As the system cuts so quickly, there is minimal heat build up, enabling the temper of the material to remain virtually unchanged. Prime Cuts operating temperature also makes preheating unnecessary and as there is no electrical continuity, repairs can be made without raising burrs on bearings and bushes. Additionally, surface grinding and gouge cleaning are not required as the system does not leave any carbon deposits.

the gun Prime Cuts rods will also burn submerged in mud or water. Rods can be bent without restricting oxygen flow (ensuring even burn), enabling operators to reach difficult or otherwise inaccessible places.


best results The Prime Cut system is safer than other types of equipment as it does not require high amperage or potentially dangerous secondary fuels (such as acetylene).

Operator comfort and safety are also at an excellent standard with the system producing less noise, smoke and noxious gases than other systems. Operators will also appreciate the fact that use of the Prime cut system does not result in 'arc eyes' (ordinary shade '5' glasses are sufficient).