Prime Cut services ®

New Zealand's only authorised marketing and distribution agent for Prime Cut ®

Industrial Applications and services

General maintenance and repair of heavy equipment:
Track and king pin removal
Gouging and removal of hardfacing
Bucket tooth shank removal
Bucket edge removal

Plant maintenance:
Machinery repair and maintenance
Penetration of concrete for pipe installation
Installation of machinery anchor bolts
Specialty metal cutting
Frozen bolt removal

General construction:
Cutting and piercing structural steel and concrete
Rivet removal
Machinery and equipment repair
Cutting pipe with grout lining
Demolition and Salvage

Emergency services:
Rapid entry
Damage Control
Rescue operations

Dredging and Marine construction:
On deck cutting, piercing and gouging under adverse conditions
Cutting away hardfacing inside of pumps
Removal of teeth on cutter rings
Emergency cutting of wire rope, anchor or spud wire

Product Supply and training:
Full product supply including rods
Maintenance packages post purchase
Training packages including practical hands on skill development

exterior use
any where
any time